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Finance Redefined: Samson Mow’s DeFi question, Fireblocks expands to institutional and more

In this week’s DeFi newsletter we bring you an exclusive research report on Terra, Samson Mow’s shocking comment on DeFi and Fireblock’s latest DeFi institutional offering.
The week was filled with several new project developments and key updates from leading decentralized applications (DApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Fireblocks has expanded its institutional access to Terra’s DeFi ecosystem and Solana partnered with the Notifi network to improve the abysmal participation rates in governance votes.We will also look into the Cointelegraph research into the Terra ecosystem’s future and see if it can sustain the current growth. Samson Mow, the former executive at Blockstream, questions the decentralized aspect of the DeFi ecosystem.Top DeFi tokens saw another week of bearish price action despite several new developments and barring a few, the majority of the tokens in the top-100 registered double-digit l

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