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Euroswap EDEX Announces Exchanges for Listing Ahead of Last TokenSale Phase

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] The next round of the PreSale phase for EuroSwap EDEX will be the final round before the project’s first listing on a major exchange. At the launch of the Trading Season phase for EDEX token, the exchange will launch the Traders Competition event, Coinmarketcap will add EDEX to the list of tracked projects, and the European media is already preparing to discuss the main crypto event of Spring 2022. We should expect that all these factors will trigger a chain reaction of Euroswap popularity and the price of this token will fly to Europe (Jupiter’s satellite) in the first days.
Spring 2022’s Hot Investment
Euroswap EDEX has become a cult project since the initial distribution of Euroswap tokens. Very soon the first investors will be able to record more than 1300% profit as soon as the token is added to a major exchange listing. Once trading begins, EDEX will increase in value many times over, as demand will exceed supply. The main reason f

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