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CoinMarketCap describes Ripple’s XRP as an “impostor” cryptocurrency

CoinMarketCap (CMC) was at the center of a controversy today after the market data aggregator tweeted that Ripple’s XRP wasn’t a real cryptocurrency.
CMC had shared an image of a game that required the players to find the impostor amongst digital assets like Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, XRP, and others.
While the controversial tweet has now been deleted, it lasted long enough to get the crypto Twitter community talking about each asset in the game.

Source: Twitter
According to CMC, XRP was the impostor because it doesn’t have the qualities of a real cryptocurrency, as it is governed and controlled by a central authority. It continued that “all the other coins in this are decentralized and are basically “people’s crypto.”
XRP community lashes CoinMarketCap
The statement has garnered a lot of outrage from the many XRP supporters who said that the aggregator was only showing its bias against the token.
One user pointed to how the site “removed XRP’s volume stats from Korean

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