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Argentinian Government Advances the Creation of a National CBDC

The Argentinian government has taken the first steps in the launch of its own central bank digital currency (CBDC). A new decree identified the number 207/2022 gives new faculties to the Argentinian mint to involve in the investigation, development, and issuance of digital currencies. This puts Argentina on the trail of countries like Brazil and Mexico, that are already involved in the development of their e-currencies.
Argentina Prepares the Field for a CBDC
The government of Argentina is preparing the legal field for future issuance of its own central bank digital currency, the digital peso. In a decree approved and published on April 26 with the number 207/2022, the Argentinian government modified the functions and faculties of the national mint, giving it new responsibilities and possibilities.
In these new faculties, the decree includes capture and digital processing of data, images, codes, sounds, and microchips, software design and development, implementation of digital secur

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