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4-digit ENS domains spike in demand this week and continue soaring

Ethereum users rushing to purchase scarce three- and four-digit names have been driving NFT market sales activity.
Since Ethereum Name Service, or ENS, released 10,000 four-digit .eth domains ranging from 0000 to 9999, the nonfungible token collection has caused a stir among NFT investors, speculators and enthusiasts alike. After all 10,000 ENS names sold out in one day, the number of people registering for ENS names and purchasing these digit number names on secondary markets has significantly affected the market’s trading volume.According to a Dune Analytics dashboard for ENS, the spike in sales began on April 21, and the number of eth. name registrations has since jumped from 2,721 to 21,188 by April 28. Over the last seven-day period, ENS domains’ trading volume on OpenSea climbed by 3,333% to 2,613 ETH, or $7.3 million, at the time of writing. The last 48 hours have seen the most ENS NFT trading in the secondary mark

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