US crypto adoption remains high despite global inflation fears

New DappRadar report provides wide-ranging insights into the performance of the crypto and Web3 space throughout Q1 of 2022.
A quantitative analytics report published by DappRadar has unveiled a number of revelatory behavioral market indicators for the global adoption of digital assets.The blockchain data portrays a positive sentiment for the Web3 and metaverse sectors, especially in the United States, a reactionary rise in crypto interest throughout Ukraine and Russia following the outbreak of the conflict, addition to how the well-documented surge of gas prices throughout Europe is impacting inflationary metrics.Bar chart statistics reported a high correlation between unfavorable economic dynamics witnessed in times of currency deflation and the interest in engaging with cryptocurrencies – the data suggesting that the latter could serve as an investment hedge.The tumultuous 217.65% deflation of the Brazilian Real (BRL) aga

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