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Mintable Launches Industry Changing Gas Free Minting Service on Ethereum

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 27th April 2022] The newest service tailored towards enterprises from Mintable is a gas-free minting product called Mintology.
Mintable is a technology company that delivers NFTs as part of its services. Mintable is excited to introduce its new app that allows the minting of NFTs without any gas fees. The technology is called Mintology, and consumers can use it for minting NFTs for loyalty, sales promotions, and branding purposes.
As the world’s first gasless minting API, Mintology was designed in 2018 and offers a full suite of NFT-based solution services. With this technology, it’s possible for businesses to mint thousands of ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum main net instantly without any environmental impact. In order to begin minting with Mintology, there are three steps:

Create an account
Select a plan
Connect the API and mint

“Mintology is powered by Mintable, a leading mass-market NFT Marketplace with a global presence. We are backe

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