Hashstack Finance releases Open protocol for DeFi lending

HashStack has just released the public testnet of its Open protocol, the world’s first-ever DeFi lending protocol to offer under-collateralized loans. The testnet is fully functional with over $5 million in TVL.
Hashstack gives users a glimpse into the future of DeFi lending with under-collateralized loans.
The DeFi lending landscape has been heating up in recent months. Hashstack Finance, a leading DeFi platform aiming to disrupt the DeFi lending market has announced that its public testnet is live for the public. 
The Open Protocol is designed to be resilient as with all decentralized applications. The public testnet offers an improved user interface, hybrid access for stability, and a switch to a fully decentralized blockchain to offer transparency. 
Rather than ending up with over-exposure between a few major depositors, Hashstacks has created an open vision where many lenders come together under one roof. In addition, the DeFi loans to the depositors are secure, open, and tran

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