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Cryptopedia: Learn the basics of smart contracts and how they work

Cointelegraph explains what smart contracts are and how this blockchain-based technology changes the way transactions are made.
Cointelegraph’s Jackson DuMont tackles smart contracts in the latest episode of Cryptopedia. He explains how smart contracts work from the basics and provides examples of how they can be utilized in real-world scenarios. DuMont describes smart contracts as code within the blockchain that “execute when specific conditions are met.” They are self-executing contracts built on blockchain technology and have the power to complete transactions without middlemen. As an example, DuMont explained the difference between transacting in a centralized exchange like Binance and doing the same transactions with a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap, which is powered by smart contracts. With Binance, a user has to believe that Binance will complete their transaction, and the execution of the transaction rel

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