Crypto Biz: If you think crypto is bearish, you’re not paying attention, April 21–27, 2022

Despite evidence of a crypto bear market, venture capital continues to allocate billions to crypto and blockchain projects.
If you’re looking at the price of Bitcoin (BTC), it’s hard to be bullish these days. The flagship cryptocurrency has once again broken below $40,000, with analysts foretelling of a much bigger decline in the weeks ahead. Unfortunately, many new investors forget to treat crypto as an exponential asset class and therefore, let short-term price fluctuations weaken their conviction. Do you want to know who’s conviction in digital assets hasn’t waivered amid the latest downtrend? Venture capitalists (VCs), i.e., investors whose sole purpose is to uncover the most promising startups they think are poised for greatness. This week’s Crypto Biz presents jaw-dropping VC investment totals, courtesy of Cointelegraph Research. We also take a look at the latest funding deals making the rounds. Q1 2022 vent

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