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CoinFund executives explain why crypto is the ‘obvious’ choice for ambitious fintech pioneers

Founded in 2015, crypto-native VC firm CoinFund has spent the past year bolstering its leadership with talent from the world of traditional finance, including Chris Perkins — a former executive at Citigroup — and Christopher Giancarlo, the former CFTC chair.
CoinFund’s hiring of Chris Perkins as the firm’s new President is part of a larger exodus of talent from Citi towards digital asset companies, as reported by The Block.
In this episode of The Scoop, CoinFund’s President Chris Perkins and CEO Jake Brukhman break down the recent personnel updates at CoinFund, and explain why the combination of crypto-natives and experienced executives from traditional finance are key to pushing blockchain technology to the point of mass adoption.
As Brukhman explained during the interview, crypto technology is already innovative, it just needs to be more accessible to reach mainstream market appeal:

“It’s a learning curve for everybody to bring these two things together to bridge th

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