Cardano Director explains how Input Endorsers will yield a “super fast Layer-1”

Director of Cardano Architecture at Input Output (IO), John Woods, explained how Input Endorsers will yield a “super fast layer-1.”
Woods said the company is moving to this new system with Ouroboros but did not set a rollout timeframe. Nonetheless, Input Endorsers promise a revolution in speed through the constant streaming of transaction blocks.
Ouroboros is the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol on which Cardano operates. IO says the protocol has proven security guarantees and can facilitate the propagation of global, permissionless networks with minimal energy requirements.
Woods confirmed that the existing setup is adequate for current network demands. But Input Endorsers represent a forward-thinking design that will be implemented before the need for it arrives.
Input Endorsers to dramatically increase Cardano’s speed
Currently, blocks on the Cardano network are responsible for consensus and holding transaction data within.
The process of Input Endorsing splits each block into tw

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