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BAYC’s Otherside Land Sale: Everything You Need to Know

In a bid to prevent, what it calls “apocalyptic gas wars” while also encouraging a broad distribution, the Yuga Labs’ Otherside metaverse project will not conduct the Dutch auction for the NFTs.
Otherside said, “NFT Dutch auctions are actually bulls**t” and will instead employ a new mechanic wherein the sale price will remain flat for the duration.
“Faux Dutch Auction”
According to the newly published blog post, BAYC creator’s blockchain-based virtual world stated that the NFTs will be sold at a fixed price of 305 ApeCoins (APE). A total of 55,000 Otherdeed NFTs will be available for KYC users to purchase. It has also postponed the actual sale event after heeding the community calls for additional time to set pre-approval for APE. The event has been pushed to 9 PM ET, April 30.
The post read,
“NFT “Dutch auctions” are actually bullshit. They do not successfully mediate demand, nor do they really negate gas wars in highly-anticipated mints. This is especially probl

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