13 famous artists release anonymous artwork as an NFT experiment starting at 0.33 ETH

A new NFT project going by the name “The Pyramid” is launching an NFT series that aims to answer the question; “What if a potential buyer had an opportunity to buy art for art, sans the artist’s market value and hype around the name?”
The Pyramid contains artwork from artists who have exhibited at notorious galleries such as The Louvre and the Guggenheim. The work goes on sale on April 28 via OpenSea.
Anonymous NFT art
The artists decided to use NFTs as a way to
“challenge their self-perpetuating pursuit of recognition and completely drop names, genders, status, and other social assets—to create a collection of anonymous 58 pieces of digital art, each coming with an NFT certificate of ownership and authenticity.”
According to their website, the project is run by NFTMASTERS, who claim to be “a group of experts in the world of art, culture, finance, technology, law, and project management” according to their website. However, their Twitter account currently has just 2

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