SafeMoon embroiled in further scandal as promoter accused of $12 million fraud

SafeMoon is caught up in further controversy as YouTuber Stephen Findeisen, AKA Coffeezilla makes pump and dump allegations against its former chief marketing officer.
Specifically, Findeisen calls out Ben Phillips, a UK-based influencer previously involved with the project in a marketing capacity.
Findeisen has carved out a niche for himself in blowing the lid on scammers and fraudsters. Many of his recent investigations have tackled cryptocurrency scams, and his latest upload takes aim at Phillips.
But what exactly are the allegations against Phillips?

It goes from bad to worse for SafeMoon
Ben Phillips is a Welsh YouTuber known for creating prank content. Previously, Phillips had worked with SafeMoon to market the project.
Such tie-ups are common practice in the crypto industry and fall under the banner of “influencer marketing.” Popular influencers with millions of followers, like Phillips, can command higher fees.  He was paid a total of 5.257 trillion SafeMoon for his work

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