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Robinhood CEO outlines how DOGE could become ‘currency of the internet’

Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev took to Twitter to explain how DOGE could become the future currency of the internet just hours after Dogecoin’s creator criticized Elon Musk for his Twitter antics.
Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to explain how Dogecoin could become the “future currency of the internet.”In a thread of 12 posts to his nearly 200,000 followers, Tenev outlined what steps need to be taken to transform the memecoin into a usable asset for everyday payments and transactions on the internet. Can #Doge truly be the future currency of the Internet and the people? As we added the ability to send/receive DOGE on Robinhood, I’ve been thinking about what that would take.— VLAD (@vladtenev) April 14, 2022

Tenev began by drawing attention to the fact that Dogecoin’s transaction fees — roughly $0.003 per transaction — are already small enough to place the altcoin as a feasibl

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