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Research Shows More Than 1 Million Australians Own Cryptocurrency

A recent study by major market research firm Roy Morgan shows that more than 1 million Australians now own cryptocurrency. “The value of all cryptocurrency holdings for people aged 50+ is around $7.6 billion,” the study shows.

Study: Over 1 Million Australians Own Cryptocurrency
Australian research firm Roy Morgan has conducted a study into cryptocurrency investments. The study took place between December 2021 and February this year; the results were published Tuesday.
Founded in 1941, Roy Morgan described itself as Australia’s largest independent research company with “an unparalleled reputation for reliable, accurate, meaningful, revealing market research.” It has offices across Australia, as well as in Indonesia, the U.K., and the U.S.
The firm detailed:
The latest Roy Morgan research into Australians’ investments shows 5%, or over 1 million Australians aged 18+, now own at least one cryptocurrency.
The firm found that 69% of Australian cryptocurrency investors are men

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