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Portuguese regulator grants first crypto license to a bank

Bison Bank will offer its digital asset services to high net worth individuals, becoming the first banking institution in the country authorized to do so.
Portuguese based bank Bison Bank has received permission from Portugal’s Central Bank (Banco de Portugal) to operate as a “virtual asset service provider ”(VASP), making the first bank in the country to be given the green light by the regulator.On Thursday, Banco de Portugal updated its list of virtual asset service providers adding “Bison Digital Assets” as the country’s’ fifth licensed crypto exchange. The company is newly created to operate under Bison Bank, which is fully held by a Chinese private capital firm based in Hong-Kong, and will position its crypto services to high net worth customers according to local media.In April 2021, laws were established regulating cryptocurrency exchanges to a licensing regime operated by the central bank. La, later that

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