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Japanese Messaging App Giant Line Launches NFT Marketplace

Japan’s most popular social media application – Line – released a non-fungible token marketplace called Line NFT. Even though the company provides its services in numerous countries in Asia, the opportunity will first be available only to Japanese users.
Japan’s Top Social Media Goes Into NFTs
LVC Corporation (LVC) – the operator of Line’s blockchain divisions – launched Line NFT marketplace, allowing 90 million Japanese users to buy and sell approximately 40,000 non-fungible tokens. In addition, Line NFT offers exclusive digital collectibles featuring Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings’ videos, the classic anime series Patlabor the Mobile Police as well as artwork of other popular characters.
The entity assured it will add more NFTs from different genres later by partnering with Line Family services and other companies.
Once purchased, customers can store their collectibles in their Line BITMAX Wallet. They can also send or exchange NFTs with other users via the application.

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