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How StarSharks became the top BSC game in less than 6 months?

According to BNB Chain Twitter, StarSharks is once again the top crypto game on BSC. Both in terms of transactions and WAU, StarSharks is far ahead of the previous leaders, Mobox and Bomb Crypto.
What makes this game, which looks similar to Axie Infinity, one of the hottest games today?
What is StarSharks?
StarSharks is a BSC-based metaverse game that revolves around shark NFTs, where players complete various game challenges using different kinds and levels of sharks.
StarSharks was launched in December 2021 by a team with a background in traditional gaming. It positions itself not just as a GameFi project, but as ContentFi, with an emphasis on content, targeting potential NFT applications, and creating new value for users.
StarSharks’ main features
To start their StarSharks journey, players must have three NFT sharks, and burning two sharks can make one higher-level shark. Players are rewarded with SEA tokens for defeating all of the sharks in PVP or PVE, and extra SSS to

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