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Binance and Coinbase silent on Bitcoin Lightning: Community tries to understand why

The Lightning Network implementation may be against business plans of some crypto exchanges, or simply not a priority for others, several community members suggested.
The Bitcoin Lightning Network integration started to take off among the cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. However, some of the world’s largest crypto trading platforms seemingly are not in the hurry to integrate the protocol.Last week, Robinhood crypto trading app became the latest major industry player to announce the Lightning integration, following in the footsteps of BitPay and the Kraken crypto exchange.As the main goal of the Lightning integration is to reduce the cost of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions and accelerate the network transfers, one may wonder what cryptocurrency exchanges have still not added the Lightning support.Binance, Coinbase and FTX stay silent on LightningNot everyone is happy with the pace of Bitcoin LN adoption. David Coen, a softwa

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