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Accumulate Releases Whitepaper – An Identity-Based Blockchain Protocol with Cross-Chain Support, Human-Readable Addresses, and Key Management Capabilities

Miami, FL, United States, 14th April, 2022, Chainwire

Developers of Accumulate are announcing the highly anticipated release of the Accumulate Whitepaper.  
The document provides a detailed look at Accumulate’s identity-based, delegated proof-of-stake blockchain solution and how it plans to achieve its mission to create a universal communication and audit layer for individuals, entities, and blockchains to transact with each other using Accumulate Digital Identifiers or ADIs.
Through cutting-edge innovations in blockchain interoperability, scalability, and modular design, Accumulate is forging a new path for the decentralization of the traditional economy and the onboarding of millions of individuals and entities to the Web3 space.   
Point 1 – Identity & Key Management 
Accumulate Digital Identifiers or ADIs are human-readable addresses similar to website URLs that are chosen by individuals or assigned by organizations to represent their presence on the blockchain. Digit

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