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NFT for Arabian Horses to Gallop Soon at the Al Sheikh Stud in Partnership With Finvault

PRESS RELEASE. UAE – DUBAI, 14 April 2022: Renowned to be a haven of thoroughbred Arabian horses, the Al Sheikh Stud embarks on a strategic journey to accommodate the growing demand for NFTs in the industry. In alliance with Atria Holdings and Finvault; the Stud farm is revving up its finest line-up of purebred Arabian Horses for the new digitized valuation.
Joining hands to create a marketplace for NFTs for Arabian horses; Finvault, a Web3 banking platform, and Atria Holdings, investors in innovative solutions; are ushering in a digital era for these high-valued horses. The strategic alliance will work closely to develop high-value NFTs for purebred Arabian horses belonging to the Al Sheikh Stud. Arabian horses, with their distinctive head shape and tall carriage are the most elite breed in the world. Apart from breeders, race enthusiasts, and discerning clientele; they reserve a special interest in the minds of artists and prestigious admirers. The NFTs are being developed to compl

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