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Fiscus Bridges On-Chain and Off-Chain Environment in Digital Fund

[PRESS RELEASE – Dallas, USA, 11th April 2022] FiscusDAO is the world’s first all-chain solution, combining the benefits of the on-chain and off-chain worlds into a singular efficient, and agile digital fund boasting a $100M USD treasury.
FiscusDAO revolutionizes the process for project financing loans by allowing holders of its FISC token to participate in the lending process and experience the benefits that come along with it. With an anticipated $25B USD in total project size in its pipeline, FiscusDAO works with its client to fund and generate returns on each project, while building wealth for its treasury and token holders.
Highlights of FiscusDAO and its FISC token include:
· A Treasury of $100M
· A growing community of FISC token holders, participating in the on-chain governance of FiscusDAO
· An initial staking APY of 50,000%, halving every 10M tokens
· A third-Party Burn- A buyback and burn initiative that utilizes a portion of the revenues generated by the treasury to

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