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Several Crypto Twitter analysts create LUNA “exposes,” Do Kwon responds

The ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, LUNA, has come under fire this weekend as two relatively unknown analysts released an ‘expose’ on the LUNA / UST peg. @DeFi_Made_Here and @JackNiewold created two Twitter threads that managed to get the attention of Do Kwon himself. Unfortunately, the threads appear to have gotten under the skin of the “Master of Stablecoin,” who replied to almost every tweet in the thread and eventually told @JackNiewold, “time to make an alt, you idiot.”
The Luna Expose
So who are these two analysts? @DeFi_Made_Here appears to be an educational Twitter account focusing on “DeFi Strategies, tutorials, and project reviews.” The account is anonymous and has no external links. On April 7th, he made a 26 part tweet with a lead image that suggested the UST stablecoin on Terra is like plugging an extension lead into itself and expecting to get power.

Algorithmic stablecoins: case of $UST
Thread pic.twitter.com/wx9Q4unjFW
— DeFi Made Here (@D

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