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PayPal-killer SDK Converts Platforms to Web3 in 10 Lines of Code

[PRESS RELEASE – Venice, United States, 7th April 2022] Algorand Foundation-backed project Smile Coin has released the public Testnet-version of their highly anticipated Web3 SDK. The SDK allows any Web2 platform to become a Web3 platform with only 10 lines of code. The SDK creates a payment gateway that enables gaming companies to accept payments and pay users out in SMILE and gives users access to Smile Coin Network play-to-earn incentives.
By virtue of adding their financial transactions to the blockchain, players are automatically enrolled into the Smile Coin Network’s dApp. The dApp gives users access to transaction analytics, unparalleled rewards for consecutive daily play on any in-network partner platform, up to 125% APY staking, mini-games, airdrops, and more. The effect of these incentives is a massive uptick in user retention and value, as evidenced by the first platform to integrate the private Mainnet version of the SDK: Grin Gaming.
Grin Gaming is the first platform t

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