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Need to File Fast? Follow This No-Nonsense Guide From Koinly

Left your crypto taxes until the last second? Here’s how to get your crypto taxes done by April 18 with the least amount of friction possible.
The IRS has been really clear that cryptocurrency is definitely taxed – and that they’re able to track crypto investments through various channels. In brief, crypto is subject to Capital Gains Tax and sometimes Income Tax. You’ll pay long-term Capital Gains Tax between 0% to 20% or you’ll pay short-term Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax between 10% to 37%, depending on your Income Tax bracket.
Let’s just cut to the chase with what you need to do to report your crypto tax by April 18.

Get a comprehensive view of all your crypto dealings, from every exchange – and the very beginning of your trading journey.
Aggregate your complete trading history into a single chronological record – and in US dollar terms.
Identify your capital gains and separate the total into long-term and short term gains.
Identify your income from crypto.

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