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A New Super PAC Aims to Elect BTC Advocates and ‘Vote out Anti-Bitcoin Politicians Like Brad Sherman, Elizabeth Warren’

On Friday, Grant McCarty, the director of policy and public affairs at Bitcoin Magazine, announced the launch of three political efforts aimed at bolstering bitcoin public policy at the Bitcoin 22 conference in Miami. McCarty revealed the Bitcoin Advocacy Project (BAP), the Bitcoin Policy Institute (BPI) and an independent expenditure-only political committee called the Financial Freedom PAC.
3 Newly Launched Political Efforts Aim to ‘Bring About an Orange Wave Across Washington’
A new bitcoin-themed Super PAC has been launched to help “elect bitcoin champions.” According to the Financial Freedom PAC website introduced by Bitcoin Magazine’s Grant McCarty, the new Super PAC supports “candidates that aim to defend and uphold the following rights of bitcoin owners in the United States.” In recent times, bureaucrats have unveiled a number of regulatory policies toward digital currencies and many fear that strict crypto regulation can stifle technological innovation.

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