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VanEck’s CEO: Blockchain Technology Will Completely Revolutionize Wall Street

Jan van Eck – Chief Executive Officer of the global investment manager VanEck – believes the cryptocurrency industry will continue its progress, while blockchain technology “will completely revolutionize Wall Street.” However, this will not happen so quickly as it requires constant collaboration with regulators, he added.
‘I’m Wowed by All the Technology’
In a recent interview, VanEck’s executive predicted that blockchain technology could “completely” reshape the operations of the leading financial institutions.
Jan van Eck noted that this transformation might take some time as watchdogs need to greenlight every step in the space. He touched upon the non-fungible token universe, too, calling it a “phenomenon:”
“It looks like blockchain technology will completely revolutionize Wall Street. The only reason it’s taking so long would be the regulators. The whole NFT phenomenon, I mean, I’m wowed by all the technology. That’s positive.”
The CEO raised hopes

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