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Scientists Finish Sequencing the Human Genome: Here’s How Blockchain Can Fit (Op-Ed)

The Human Genome Project started in 1990. By 2003, with 92% of the genome sequenced, the project was declared complete. This year tech advances have finished the other 8%. Blockchain tech like NFTs can use the information from this marvelous project to build new, better biotech products for humanity.
The achievements of the human DNA research were published in the journal Science on Thursday. The UC Santa Cruz-based Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) Consortium, an open, community-based effort with a team of nearly 100 scientists, announced it is ready to present the complete human genome for the first time in history.
The Connection Between Medial Researchers, Blockchain, DNA
The open, peer-reviewed, project-focused, humanitarian community of scientists has an ethos that many in the NFT industry and broader cryptocurrency community would find very familiar with their own motivating principles and modes of collaboration.
The roadblock researchers hit in 2003 was they had finished sequencing eu

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