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HBAR Foundation Launches $250 Million Metaverse Fund to Entice Developers to Build on Hedera

The HBAR foundation, a nonprofit organization designed to accelerate the development of the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem, has announced the launch of a new Metaverse fund. The fund, which launches with $250 million, will serve to entice builders and programmers to bring their metaverse products to the Hedera network and make use of its decentralized ledger technologies.
HBAR Foundation Wants the Metaverse to Happen on Hedera
The battle for the metaverse is intensifying, and many organizations are offering incentives for these experiences to be built using their own infrastructures. The HBAR Foundation, an organization devoted to the growth of the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem and the apps on it, has announced the launch of the THF Metaverse Fund that will offer $250 million in incentives to programmers that want to bring their metaverse apps to life by using Hedera Hashgraph’s tools.
On why the HBAR Foundation believes that Hedera is an ideal platform for metaverse inspired apps, it st

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