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Four key takeaways about mining from Bitcoin 2022

The mining stage at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami this past week hosted business leaders from across the mining industry.
Here is a look at some of the ideas discussed during the three days of panels.
No middle ground for miners
Many of the largest mining companies are scaling up at an increasingly fast pace. At one of the panels, speakers pointed out that miners will have a very hard time keeping up if they aren’t extremely cost-competitive and using the latest and most efficient machines.
“All of us are moving full speed ahead, guns blazing,” said Marathon CEO Fred Thiel.
Mike Levitt, chairman and CEO of Core Scientific, said that capital markets have tightened up in the past few months, making it harder for anyone in between a very small or large scale miner. He said that at this point you can either be “scaled and efficient” or make a little bit of money by being “very small [and] nimble.”
“I wouldn’t want to be trying to start to build a scale business today. It’s

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