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EU Bans High-Value Crypto Services to Russia in New Round of Sanctions

European institutions are closing crypto loopholes for Russia with the latest package of penalties imposed by the EU over Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine. The new sanctions prohibit the provision of “high-value” crypto-asset services to Russian entities and residents.
EU Limits Russian Crypto Wallet Deposits to €10,000
Expanding its sanctions in response to the Russian military assault on Ukraine, the European Union has again targeted cryptocurrencies. On Friday, the European Commission, the executive body in Brussels, welcomed the fifth round of restrictions agreed upon by the Council of the EU. They have been tailored to “further contribute to ramping up economic pressure on the Kremlin and cripple its ability to finance its invasion of Ukraine.”
The new Council regulation, published in the Official Journal of the European Union, bans the provision of “high-value” crypto-asset services to the Russian Federation. It applies to crypto wallet, account, or custody ser

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