Demystifying blockchain oracles: Part 2

DeFi and decentralized applications wouldn’t be possible without blockchain oracles–key components of blockchain infrastructure that enable accessing, processing, and transmitting information between the outside world of off-chain data and smart contracts. 
That said, what are the major engineering challenges when it comes to building resilient and reliable blockchain oracles, and why are decentralized data pipelines so important?
CryptoSlate talked to some of the prominent experts on the subject– some of whom are going to meet in Berlin this June at the world’s first technologically agnostic summit that’s fully focused on oracles. 
Oracle resilience and reliability
“Companies optimize for efficiency, while DAOs optimize for resilience. With that in mind, the infrastructure that DAOs depend on needs to be resilient and decentralized, and that’s where oracles come in,” noted Niklas Kunkel, Oracle Core Unit Facilitator at MakerDAO.
This is particularly the case in regar

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