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What is ICE Poker, the game underpinning Decentral Games?

Interest in the metaverse continues to rise, with Footprint Analytics data indicating that metaverse projects received the third most investments in the blockchain industry after games and tools.
Decentral Games is one of these projects, having grown significantly since last December while receiving several rounds of funding, including a strategic investment from Decentraland. It has also received strategic investments from industry leaders such as BSC, Digital Currency Group, Polygon, Arca Funds, and Hashkey.
What is ICE Poker?
Decentral Games’ ICE Poker was launched in Oct. 2021. The game allows players to earn tokens by playing for ranking on the leaderboard.
The team believes that open metaverse will be the next evolution of the internet, and Decentral Games aims to allow anyone to earn from playing familiar games like poker.
Decentral Games
How to play
Players need to purchase or be delegated at least one wearable NFT to begin their journey.
Players receive chips every day based

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