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Seven times Bitcoin miners made the world a better place

BTC mining and the miners, themselves, seem to be doing more than just securing the Bitcoin network.
What do a swimming pool, beef jerky, a caravan, timber, animal waste, a Guatemalan lake and a high school have in common? They’ve all been saved by Bitcoin (BTC) mining. From reusing “waste” heat to getting the job done — to receiving a cool blast of air to dehydrate meat, to cleaning up pollutants, Bitcoin mining does more than just secure the network. Here’s a round-up of seven times Bitcoin mining lent a hand or simply made the world a better place.Free Bitcoin mining education in WashingtonSustainable Bitcoin mining company Merkle Standard has taken Bitcoin mining education into its own hands. In partnership with Bitmain, they recently gifted the latest in Bitcoin mining technology to Newport High School, a high school in Washington state. Plus, they donated $10,000 and are promoting education about Bitcoin i

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