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Russians Collectively Own Over $130 Billion Worth of Crypto, Prime Minister Mishustin Claims

Mikhail Mishustin – Russia’s Prime Minister – believes the Russian population collectively holds more than 10 trillion rubles ($130 billion) worth of cryptocurrencies. He assumed that most of those individuals were from the younger generations.
7% of Russians are HODLers
Apart from being in the global spotlight due to its “special military operation” in Ukraine, Russia also often makes the headlines in the cryptocurrency space. The authorities of the largest country by landmass have been predominantly against bitcoin and the altcoins in the past. Earlier this year, the Bank of Russia proposed the implementation of a total crypto ban inside the nation’s borders.
Later on, numerous government officials started softening their tone. At one point, even President Vladimir Putin said he sees potential in the sector, especially in cryptocurrency mining, as it could grant Russia “certain competitive advantages.”
It is also worth noting that the asset class is a highly intriguin

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