DAO shall not be alone! Ecosystem DAOs on the rise

If one was to take the ten commandments and turn them into positive affirmations for a future worth working for then building a DAO would certainly make the list. A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is a collection of individuals coming together to make decisions without a hierarchical management structure and can have a wide range of use cases.
They allow for a bottom-up approach to community management, built around a treasury that is accessible to the members. Focusing on the world of Web3 in terms of the innovations, putting the creatives first and the general WAGMI attitudes makes a great case for a commandment overhaul.
In a world that has been more exclusive than inclusive — controlled by a few rather than shared by many — people are waking up to new ways of thinking. Communities that are tired of the guilt that has been passed on from old regimes harboring unequal attitudes are free to develop their own tokens, NFTs, and now DAOs. 
The beauty of the DAO’s popp

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