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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Warns of Global Economic Impact of War in Ukraine

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen alerted that Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine “will have enormous economic repercussion for the world.” She added that the US authorities plan to impose further sanctions on Russia and provide aid to Ukraine.
Russia’s Attack Could Cause a Major Hit to the Global Economy
Despite the recent reports that Vladimir Putin’s forces are withdrawing from the surroundings of Kyiv, the military conflict in Ukraine seems nowhere near the end. Moreover, earlier this week, the atrocities of the war reached their peak when Russian soldiers allegedly executed hundreds of innocent Ukrainians in the town of Bucha. Unsurprisingly, Putin denied the news, calling it a “crude and cynical” provocation.
The Western world, though, strongly opposed the massacre as even Pope Francis kissed the Ukrainian flag in honor of the “martyred” town. Another individual who criticized the act was US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. She predicted that t

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