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PARSIQ ($PRQ) Lands on the Exchange

Tallinn, Estonia, 7th April, 2022, Chainwire

PARSIQ has announced that its native token $PRQ will be listed on the trading platform starting April 7th.
PARISIQ, the Web3 monitoring, and data-automation platform have announced that users are able to trade $PRQ tokens on the Exchange, one of the world’s three largest crypto trading platforms by volume, starting today.
The announcement dovetails with the news that Capital led the $12MM fund-raising round for PARSIQ’s sister project, IQ Protocol. The listing of $PRQ points to confidence in PARSIQ and the team to deliver long-term value to the blockchain industry. 

This follows PARSIQ’s recently expanded vision which will build upon previous core technologies to become the go-to backend for Web3 applications, akin to Google Firebase on Web2. joins KuCoin, OKX, MEXC Global,, and Coinmetro amongst the exchanges already offering $PRQ as well as DEXs such as UniSwap and Pancake Swap.

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