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NFTs are changing the way photographers create and market content

Photography NFTs have been relegated to a secondary role since last years’ generative art craze but still offer opportunity for artists.
Since their explosion last year, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have shown their appeal to collectors, investors and traders alike.They have especially gained attention in the art world, where an item’s provenance is everything, and owning the official, unique version of an item is much more valuable than a copy or duplicate.Some have postulated that artists creating and storing pieces on-chain can use the technology as proof of ownership for popular art forms.Among the various artforms to take advantage of NFTs, photography has also found its place, but what is the immediate value it brings for artists and consumers?Indeed, as a nascent, quickly developing technology, NFTs are not without limitations.Related: What is crypto art, and how does it work?Most participants began getting acquaint

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