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Here is how studying tokens’ price history helps patient traders enjoy consistent average gains.

To those who prefer consistency to lucky guesses, this algorithmic indicator has a lot to offer.
Whether you consider cryptocurrency trading as art, science or a game of skill, one thing is beyond dispute: Those who excel at it are not the traders who maintain the longest series of lucky one-offs but those who establish sustainable trading processes yielding consistent returns.Ask a sample of seasoned pros if they would prefer to catch one obscure token’s 300%-in-a-day brush with fame or learn a strategy that systematically generates a 3% return on investment. You will be surprised how many of them (likely close to 100% of the sample) prefer modest yet systematic profits.How does one make their trading processes more systematic? One way is to rely on automated data analytics tools with a proven track record of consistent performance. One such tool is the VORTECS™ Score, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered algorithm e

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