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Venezuela’s Sunacrip Launches Petro-Based Gift Card Market and Exchange

Sunacrip, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency watchdog, has announced a set of improvements to its Petroapp wallet, allowing Venezuelans to use the petro (PTR) for new functions. The app now has an embedded cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to exchange petros for other currencies, and a series of gift card and payment options to increase adoption.
Petro Relaunch Aims to Offer More Use Cases
Sunacrip, the cryptocurrency regulation institution in Venezuela, has announced a series of changes to its petro (PTR) wallet app called Petroapp, which are directed to improve the usability of the cryptocurrency. Joselit Ramirez, head of Sunacrip, explained these changes and enumerated the new functions on social media.
Ramirez stated:

Having achieved the recovery of the market and the balance of the PTR conversion rates, we have updated the PetroApp where you have new services that strengthen the usability of our sovereign crypto asset.

Ramirez highlighted that the redesign of the Petro

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