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3 Metrics to Analyze GameFi Projects

While the popularity of GameFi continues to grow, there are still relatively few genuinely fun games among the 1,322 in total.
In many cases, it’s not enough to assess the potential of a project just by looking at screenshots or walkthroughs, because the playability of a game is a subjective point.  
Instead, investors and analysts should go beyond the surface and consider the data behind a game. Here are three key metrics to look at when evaluating the health and potential of a GameFi project. 
Key Indicators for the GameFi Project

Number of Users on the Protocol

The number of users is the number of players in the GameFi program and is key to the healthy operation of the GameFi ecosystem. It also reflects the popularity of the game project among users.
According to Footprint Analytics data, the number of GameFi users has been on the rise since April 2021 and has reached a balance. This is highly correlated with the rapid growth of many projects and the ongoing development of

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