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The crypto-native advantage, according to CL from eGirl Capital

For those unfamiliar with the term “anon”, it refers to the prolific but anonymous identities that many veteran crypto investors use to discuss projects and express views on the market without revealing details of their personal lives.

Out of the legion of such popular anon accounts on Twitter, the members of a syndicate known as “eGirl Capital” have established large followings due to their commentary, research and investment in cryptocurrency.

In this episode of The Scoop, CL, an anon from eGirl Capital joins host Frank Chaparro to discuss how the group formed and why they are able to operate so cohesively.

As CL explained during the interview, the fourteen strong group formed out of friendship:

“The 14 of us kind of became friends over time. Mostly at first it was just sharing life stories, sharing alpha, so we got pretty tight after a few months.”

What started out in 2020 as a simple group chat between friends became reality when one of the group’s me

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