Invictus Margin Lending – Stable Returns in Turbulent Times

Over the past month, the price of commodities including oil, food, and metals has skyrocketed. Knock-on effects of high commodity prices are well-known, including inflated manufacturing costs, and slowing economic growth. The unique phenomenon of inflated prices coupled with slowing economic growth is known as stagflation — and economists are sounding the warning bells. 
Stagflation poses a problem for macroeconomic policymakers as the usual steps implemented to slow inflation — raising interest rates — may now cause increased unemployment and worsen the already vulnerable global economy. Economists at some of the world’s largest banks, such as JP Morgan Chase & Co and Barclays Plc, have lowered their forecasted global growth figures and increased their predictions for consumer prices. These are textbook signs of stagflation and should be considered when making your next investment decision. 
However, savvy investors should look to asset classes that thrive in stagflation

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