How Replay and Theta’s blockchain technology can disrupt the video streaming market

Announced on February 10 this year, Replay, a blockchain-based video tracking and payments platform for content owners powering the web3 content economy, emerged from stealth with backing from Theta Labs, to launch the industry’s first blockchain-powered video tracking and payments platform.
For content creators, the back-end of video streaming is often opaque, including how revenue is shared; how long it takes for creators to receive compensation; exactly how successful a piece of content has been.
Replay’s protocol benefits content creators and owners by offering transparency and control over their content with visibility into content performance, allegedly helping provide liquidity and secure real-time payments as content is being consumed. All content viewership is recorded and powered by smart contracts on a decentralized, distributed ledger on the Theta  (THETA) network.
Theta’s blockchain video infrastructure allows viewers to earn RPLAY
According to Replay, the protocol

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