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Google searches for Bitcoin sink to 6 month low, Short Term Holders are to blame

Search data shows global interest in Bitcoin has sunk due to its volatile performance over the last five months.
Google Trends is a popular tool used to gauge general interest in trending topics. In respect of the search term “Bitcoin,” it currently shows a value of 30 for the week ending March 19, 2022.
This marks the lowest level since the start of October 2021 and represents a significant decline from mid-May, when interest peaked at 100.
Over the past three months, Bitcoin has been trading between $33,000 and $45,700. This lull in price action appears to have driven away investor interest.
Bitcoin Interest has not recovered from Elon Musk’s energy rant
Searches tend to rise during periods of extreme volatility, as potential investors look for information on bullish or bearish market activity.
For example, May 2021’s peak interest score of 100 occurred when Elon Musk said Bitcoin Proof-of-Work mining is highly damaging to the environment. This trigg

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