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Corporate treasuries: These mining outfits hodl the most bitcoin

Miners are at the core of the Bitcoin network, providing security to the whole ecosystem of users, businesses, and hodlers. Bitcoin (BTC) mining companies aim to serve as bitcoin investment vehicles, helping to give investors bitcoin exposure without holding the asset directly. Therefore, they intend to build up bitcoin treasuries to be more correlated with the bitcoin price.
Also, since mining is a capital-intensive business, and miners are constantly looking for expansion opportunities, they want to keep a liquid balance sheet. As bitcoin bulls, it makes sense for them to keep the bitcoin they earn instead of storing it in fiat currency. By tapping into public markets and debt financing, these miners can hodl the bitcoin they earn and use fiat to pay their costs.
Top miner is holding 8,956 BTC
According to newly released research by Arcane Research, the bitcoin mining business Marathon owns the most bitcoin of all public miners, currently holding 8,956 BTC. Half of Marathon’s bitco

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