Coinbase Dives Deeper Into Web3: Launches Coinbase Pay

The San Francisco-based crypto exchange – Coinbase – announced that users can now take advantage of the new feature to fund their non-custodial Coinbase Wallet easier than before.
The Newest Product
As part of its mission to make cryptocurrency products accessible to the broad public, Coinbase introduced Coinbase Pay. The company explained that the solution is an extension of its existing digital asset wallet that allows users to interact with Web3 applications. Coinbase Pay also provides access to the NFT universe:
“Kickstart your NFT collection, earn yield through DeFi lending protocols, and grow your crypto portfolio with hundreds of thousands of tokens supported via decentralized exchanges (DEXes).”
The trading venue argued that previous wallets were complicated for inexperienced users, who had to go through multiple steps and switch between different apps.
“Coinbase eliminates these steps and makes it easy and intuitive for anyone to participate in DeFi or purchase NFTs,

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